delivering remarkable training

The digital landscape moves at break-neck speed. To keep pace and pull ahead of the competition, your team need to develop skills that are:

  • Practical
  • Customer-focused
  • Grounded in best practice

Sagittarius, one of the world’s leading optimisation agencies and award-winning Sitecore partners, offers the Sagittarius Academy to help brands to enable their teams to harness the platform's true potential.

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tried and tested

Our courses were developed based on how we train our own team at Sagittarius as well as the training we deliver for our clients.

We have a 100% Sitecore Certified Solution Developer pass rate across our global development team and have created four Sitecore MVPs in Strategy and Technology over the past 12 months.

Our training is fit for purpose and second to none.

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built on our values

Both the Agency and Academy have our core values at heart:

Be Remarkable
The Academy was created with one thing in mind…to create remarkable people. You’ll learn about cutting-edge technology and the latest trends in customer experience so you can make an impact on your organisation.

Insightful and Effective
By using practical, real-world examples in our training, you’ll leave with the confidence to correctly identify the problems your company is facing, define the solution and implement it quickly and efficiently.

Passionate and Determined
We don’t do ‘lite’ or ‘express’. All our tracks have been carefully curated and are taught by people with extensive, practical experience of delivering solutions for our clients. We love what we do and it shows!

Helpful and Humble
We know what it’s like to be learning Sitecore for the first time or trying to level up your skill-set. We’ve all been through that journey. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Adventurous and Open-Minded
Whether you’re a developer or a marketer, we’ll challenge you to push your understanding of digital further. There’s no limit to what you can do with the skills and knowledge you’ll gain from these courses.

Sitecore Training

Latest News

09 August 2019

Sagittarius Academy Broadens Sitecore Training Offering

Hear more about our latest learning tracks for marketers & developers!


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