Published: 29 March 2019 The recently launched, Sagittarius Academy aims to provide brands and marketers with access to developer and marketer training programmes which will enable them to make better use of the Sitecore platform. In this piece we’ll be exploring the Sitecore Experience Track, what this means to brands and what the benefits are for those that are looking to upskill in Sitecore.

What is the Sitecore Experience Track?

Delivered either online or face-to-face in a classroom style environment, this 2 day course covers the main areas of the Sitecore CMS giving marketers access to Sitecore’s full suite of marketing features. Each of the two days will be split into strategic learning sessions, each concluding with a short quiz followed by an exam at the end, ensuring every student leaves with the confidence and insights required to really harness the marketing features available in Sitecore.

What is included in the Sitecore Experience Track?

Across the 2 days, students will cover:

  • Logging In and User Management
  • Content Editing and Media Management
  • Authoring, Work Flow and Publishing
  • Sitecore Forms
  • Sitecore Analytics
  • Goals & Campaigns
  • Profiles and Segmenting your Customers
  • Personalisation & Context Marketing
  • Optimisation & Testing

What are the benefits of taking this course?

Sitecore is so much more than a CMS but many brands fall into the trap of using it for nothing more than simple content management.

Brands that want to take full advantage of their investment in the platform need to ensure they give their every day users (marketers) the insight and confidence it takes to deliver digital experiences that are tailored to the user helping to boost customer engagement and deliver those conversions that help meet KPIs.

How can I learn more?

If you would like to learn more about this course and the topics covered you can via our dedicated learning page here.

OR if you’ve already decided you’re ready to leverage the power of Sitecore, register for one of our upcoming sessions in either May or July at Sitecore UK in London.


Chantel Piper

Marketing Executive

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