Published: 01 April 2019

Best known for their work in the Travel and Manufacturing Industries, Sagittarius has this week announced the launch of their new sister brand ‘Sagittarius Academy’ which will formalise the agency’s training initiatives in Sitecore Development Certifications and Sitecore Marketing Experience.

The Academy’s purpose is to educate and inspire those working in the Sitecore community and to ensure that best practice standards and development quality is at its highest.

The Academy will initially offer two training tracks, responding to the needs of the community in the form of marketers and developer training tracks.

For developers, the 4 day training programme will equip delegates with the tools required to pass their Sitecore development certification exam including best practice for Sitecore’s rich feature set, exploring personalisation, customer profiling and Sitecore’s API service xConnect.

Whilst for marketers, this specifically constructed track provides access to a 2 day workshop tailored to ‘Optimising the Experience’ in Sitecore including FXM, Marketing Automation and of course, Personalisation.

Nick Towers, Managing Director at Sagittarius comments that “this is an exciting time for Sagittarius, we’ve always believed in ensuring our experts are best placed to deliver Sitecore and now we’re able to roll this initiative out to the wider community to ensure everyone is able to leverage the platform’s potential.”

Discover Sagittarius Academy

If you’d like to learn more about our developer and marketer training courses you can do so here or get in contact with us via or drop us a call on 01233 467802.

Sarah Dennis

Marketing Manager

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