professional sitecore training

If you want to make a difference for your customers and improve the bottom line for your company our training programme is right for you!

Our Sitecore Training Academy offers a number of training tracks for those who want to learn more about Sitecore either as developers, application administrators, content managers or marketers.

The tracks include lectures, practical labs, contextual quizzes and exams. They’re designed to be hands-on and give you real-world scenarios to put what you’re learning to the test.

Courses can be delivered from our centres in the US, UK, Germany or the Middle East. We can also deliver the training at your offices or via our online e-learning portal.

sitecore training for marketers

If you work with the Sitecore Experience Platform (known as XP or xDB), our Experience Track covers not just the how but the why of context marketing, helping you make more of an impact with your customers and move ahead of your competition.

The Experience Track is for all marketers – whether you’re new to Sitecore or simply want a refresher – and can be delivered in the classroom, on-site or online.

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certified developer training

If you are an experienced .NET developer who has been working with the technology for at least a year, our Developer Track provides a solid understanding of Sitecore 9.x best practice.

The course will give you all the information and practical experience you need to take the Sitecore 9 Developer Certification test. If you select our classroom-based training, you’ll have the opportunity to take the exam on the last day of the course.

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Latest News

02 April 2019

Unlock the Experience in Sitecore with Sagittarius Academy

Natalie talks about the launch of the academy and what this means for marketers using the platform!


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