our development tracks

Our development courses are delivered with a hands-on approach either in a classroom format, on-site or bespoke training materials as necessary. 

These learning tracks are delivered by industry experts; proving best in class training to the Sitecore community. 

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the certification track

If you're looking to become a Certified Sitecore Solutions Developer, our Sitecore Certification Track combines learning material and a complete visual studio solution for hands-on training. 

The Developer Track is comprised of 24 modules and covers a range of topics including Architecture, Best Practice Development for Sitecore and how to use Sitecore’s rich feature set including Personalisation, Customer Profiling and Sitecore’s API service xConnect.

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the commerce track

Learn the skills to become a Sitecore Commerce Developer and Solutions Architect with our Commerce Track. 

The Commerce Track covers everything developers need to be able to plan, install and develop an ecommerce solution using the Sitecore Commerce module. Covering everything from the basics, foundation layer and SXA for Commerce.

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the SXA Track

Our SXA Track is a two-day course designed for Sitecore developers looking to expand their knowledge and skillset in the latest Sitecore technology.

This course kicks off with an introduction and demonstration, before ramping up to content including SXA toolbox, SXA tenants and search in SXA. 

Developers have the option to enrol on an additional third-day for further learning to enhance their SXA skills in out-of-the-box functionality vs. customisation and scaling with SXA. 

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the JSS track - coming soon!


If you're interested in our Sitecore JSS Track, please register your interest below and we'll arrange for someone to get in touch!

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09 August 2019

Sagittarius Academy Broadens Sitecore Training Offering

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