become a certified developer

If you want to become a Certified Sitecore Solutions Developer, the developer track combines learning material and a complete visual studio solution for hands-on training.

The Developer Track is comprised of 24 modules and covers a range of topics including Architecture, Best Practice Development for Sitecore and how to use Sitecore’s rich feature set including Personalisation, Customer Profiling and Sitecore’s API service xConnect.

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the developer track overview

In this hands-on developer course, you’ll be taught everything from the fundamentals of building robust, scalable and efficient solutions using the Helix design pattern through to how to design scalable application architectures using xConnect and the various Sitecore APIs.

Learning objectives:

  • Define Sitecore as an Experience Content Management System
  • Describe how Sitecore’s data infrastructure works on the MVC platform
  • Create solutions that are easy for business users to configure
  • Build componentised presentation to support both designing and editing in the Experience Editor
  • Design components so that business users can dynamically alter the behaviour of the component
  • Describe Sitecore Publishing features, options, and restrictions and explain the purpose of the Web, Core, and Master databases
  • Develop a solution that lets business users and marketers take full advantage of the new Experience Marketing capabilities in Sitecore 9.0
  • Develop a solution that is Search Engine Optimisation compliant

course content

  • Application, Data and Information Architecture of Sitecore 9.x
  • Publishing Content in Sitecore
  • Creating Content and Applying Presentation
  • Planning, Installing and Managing Sitecore and its Services
  • Best Practice for Developing Helix Compliant Sitecore Sites and Applications
  • Sitecore APIs and xConnect
  • Search API and Security
  • Error Management and Scaling Sitecore

    upcoming courses

    Our Development Track is a four-day course (five with the exam) and places are limited to a maximum of 20 people, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

    TBC Date in Summer 2019 - Sitecore UK, London

    Please note, students who wish to take the Sitecore Certified Solution Developer exam will need to have enrolled and paid all fees on Sitecore's Certification Testing website.

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