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The Sitecore SXA Track will comprise of a two-day course designed to provide developers with a sound understanding of building for SXA implementations. 

The course will kick off with an introduction to the technology and will quickly ramp up to provide students with hands-on training covering modules such as working with SXA Tenants and Search in SXA. 

track overview

Delivered by a Sitecore expert, this training course will strengthener your development team's skillset for utilising some of the latest technology afforded by Sitecore and as such enable your team to make use of SXA to speed up time to market and the re-use of components, templates and layouts. 

The first two-days of the course covers the basics to the more demanding modules of SVA such as Custom Views and Extending SXA. However, there is an optional third day that can be purchased in addition to this covering out of the box functionality vs customisable features, performance and scaling with SXA and a project-specific requirement workshop to work on how SXA best meets your requirements.

course content

The two-day SXA course will cover the following modules and an optional third-day* for extended learning:

  • Introduction to SXA
  • Demonstration of SXA website
  • SXA and Helix
  • SXA toolbox
  • SXA Tenants
  • Crafting Page visuals
  • Rendering variants
  • Custom views
  • Styling the website
  • SXA and Project approach
  • Search in SXA
  • Extending SXA - Create a new custom component in SXA
  • SXA out of the box vs Customisation
  • Performance and scaling for SXA
  • Project-specific requirement workshop

*At an additional cost

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